A22 & A2290 Junction Improvements put to consultation

Between the 12th July and 20th August, ESCC are putting various improvements for the A22 & A2290 to consultation. In total there are 9 junctions.

Boship Roundabout

At the Northern end of the Hailsham Bypass, it is proposed to add traffic signals to the roundabout, along with some carriageway widening to allow stacking and NMU improvements including a Toucan Crossing provided at the Dual Carriageway. The access to Boship Lions Farm Hotel
would also be traffic signal controlled.

Hempstead Lane Junction

Currently this is an at-grade T junction. All left turn movements are provided and only 1 right turn movement is provided. The proposed change would be to introduce a roundabout here with a toucan crossing on the southern side, allowing safer NMU access via Hempstead Lane.

Eagles Roundabout

This roundabout would receive minor improvements of additional lanes (2->3) on the A22 approaches, as well as the A295 getting a roundabout bypass heading south. A toucan crossing would also be provided across the Northern Arm.

Golden Jubilee Roundabout

The A27/A22 roundabout would receive and additional lane, and a new footway on the Eastern side linking to a PRoW. The roundabout between the A22 and B2247 (old A27) would be replaced with a traffic signal controlled crossroads. Toucan crossings would be provided on 4 of the arms and all approaches would be widened.

Shinewater Roundabout

Shinewater roundabout would be widened and have signals added on all arms. A toucan crossing would also be added on the southern arm.

Lottbridge Roundabout

Lottbridge roundabout would be widened and receive traffic signals on all arms. Toucan crossing would be added across the Northwestern arm, and partly Southwestern arm.

Birch Roundabout

Birch Roundabout would only get new Toucan crossings offset on two of the arms

Seaside Roundabout

The current roundabout would be replaced by a traffic signal controlled crossroads. Toucan crossings would be provided across two of the arms, with Seaside getting an inline crossing as it is part of the NCN. Left turn bypasses would be provided in two directions, although one would also have a toucan crossing on it.

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