B&HCC have released the general plans for the westbound on-carriageway cycle lane expansion between Hove Lawns where the current temporary cycle lane ends, to Wharf Road near Hove Lagoon. The cycle lane will be a temporary experimental scheme, similar to the current seafront scheme which remove one lane of Westbound travel. It is expected that a future scheme will introduce a permanent scheme bi-directional segregated cycle track between the Pier & Western Lawns utilizing in part space freed up by the removed lane.

Temporary cycle lane between West Street and Fourth Avenue

The Plans

The plans a very temporary in nature, with the majority of changes being paint, some minor kerb realignments and signage. Plans are shown right to left as a continuation of the exiting lane.

Temp cycle lane appears to be about 2.5m in width with the parking bays in the centre of the carriageway with a buffer. Some kerb realigning at junctions and crossings. The one-way system on the south side of the A259 will be reversed, this will reduce the conflict points with the westbound temporary lane as well as making the current eastbound route more suitable. There is some removal of parking bays including disabled which will be relocated elsewhere. The bus stop will become a border bus stop which brings the bus stop upto footway level
The Eastern end of Western lawns is relatively straight forward. The pavement cycle lane is for Eastbound only (without TRO) and the on carriageway cycle lane is for westbound only. Some changes will happen at some junctions to facilitate crossing the road. Where there are bus stops there will be bus border stops which bring the carriageway cycle lane upto footway level.
Continuing along to Hove Lagoon, its very similar to the previous section. Some crossings of the road are provided and bus stops are dealt with by bus border stops. The junction on the very western side will see additional markings guiding cyclists on the route as current via Wharf Road as well as from the A259.

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