As part of the Governments latest efforts to encourage sustainable transport and active travel for short journeys there is an opportunity for 12 areas in the Country outside London to apply for part of a £45 million package to implement mini-Holland measures. These measures would likely see point closures to motor traffic (like a LTN), dedicated cycle facilities and routes, general foot & cycle priority measures and removal of on street parking.

The initial £45 million is solely for developing the ideas and for public engagement. Its expected this work may take a few years to complete, at which point the DfT would then fund works to take place. However only 12 areas of the country would be successful in this scheme, each of these areas would have to have wide spread political support from all levels of local government including the representing MP & County Council.

In West Sussex, Crawley Borough wanted to be part of the scheme, however the Henry Smith (the MP) and WSCC said they cannot back the bid. WSCC stated the reason for not supporting the application was due to constricted time to consulate with stakeholders to support the bid. Also due to WSCC’s ban from Tranche 3 of the Active Travel Fund, it would be unlikely that Crawley would be granted into the scheme in the first place.

In Brighton & Hove, the Wards of Wish & Westbourne have expressed interest to the DfT. Maybe due to less levels of governance, this letter of interest was submitted in early August 2021. It does suggest that it would include changes to Portland Road, which is currently the likely proposed route for the alternative OSR cycle lane that may be removed in the coming months as a result of the meeting on the 10th August.

Its appears that there has not been any letters of interest from any areas under East Sussex County Council.