Crawley’s “Route B” potential cycling & walking improvements

Update 9th September – It has come to my attention that a revised Crawley LCWIP was released in May 2021 which follows the same routes, although has many changes to actions to be taken to be complainant with LTN 1/20. Information in this post has been superseded.

In July 2020 Crawley borough released there full report of their LCWIP (Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan) which outlined all the main routes, some existing & some new. These also outlined main areas of improvements and changes. While this was released after LTN1/20, much of the work had already been done, so it is probable that any final result would be significantly better than currently suggested, although more expensive.

Route B which is shown in green is a part ring route connecting around the Northern Eastern side of the town, extensively within the new Forge Woods Neighbourhood. The connects Forge Wood to Route A between Manor Royal Industrial Estate and Gatwick Airport, whilst another end terminates on the West Sussex boundary at the M23 whilst the other end is on Route C along the A2220. The length of the route is 3.7km with an estimated cost of £580,000 to carry out the suggested works, although those costs are likely to rise to follow newer standards.

It is suggested most of the route will be either on low speed roads which may get additional traffic calming measures, or off-road footways which may get widened. The only part that needs to have major works done is along Radford Road where a new shared foot/cycleway will replace a current narrow pavement, as well as works done at the railway bridge to reduce the carriageway to a single lane shuttle controlled by signals. Again most of the proposed works do not conform to LTN1/20, so the final outcome may vary

The Route