Render of road improvements on College Road, Crawley

Main construction works started on the 8th July on the Eastern Gateway Scheme. This scheme is mainly a public realm scheme, making the area along The Boulevard, Northgate Roundabout & College Road look and feel better. There are also going to be additional cycle infrastructure in the north of Stepped Cycle Lanes and new/upgraded toucan crossings. Works are due to last for nearly a year, with completion scheduled around June 2022. Total costs of the works is forecasted at £8.3m.

The Plans

The Boulevard will receive stepped cycle lanes, although the Northern side does use a shared space for part of the road. Crossings and footways are going to be replaced
Northgate roundabout will reduce in size, providing for a larger shared cycle/footway and green space. Controlled Toucan crossings will be provided on College Road & Northgate Avenue. Stepped Cycle Lanes are also to be provided on College Road.
Further South College road there will be no layout changes. There is existing cycle provisions here, but very are sub standard. However works will take place here to resurface all of the cycle/footways and change the puffin crossings to toucan.