Crawley’s “Route A” potential cycling & walking improvements

Update 9th September – It has come to my attention that a revised Crawley LCWIP was released in May 2021 which follows the same routes, although has many changes to actions to be taken to be complainant with LTN 1/20. Information in this post has been superseded.

In July 2020 Crawley borough released there full report of their LCWIP (Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan) which outlined all the main routes, some existing & some new. These also outlined main areas of improvements and changes. While this was released after LTN1/20, much of the work had already been done, so it is probable that any final result would be significantly better than currently suggested, although more expensive.

Route A which is shown in red is the main route connecting Gatwick Airport to the town centre. Over 14,000 of Gatwick’s workers currently drive to work, and half of their workforce lives within Crawley, so there is real potential here to significantly reduce those driving and to use bicycles or the bus instead. The route also serves the Manor Royal industrial area. The length of the route is 5.5km with an estimated cost of £2,380,000 to carry out the suggested works, although those costs are likely to rise to follow newer standards.

Most of the route already exists, although to a poorer standard using narrow shared foot/cycleways. Most of the route follows existing roads with wide verges and it should be possible in most places to provide LTN1/20 levels of provision such as fully segregated cycleways of 3m+ width as well as a dedicated footway.

The Route

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