It is proposed that at the next Brighton & Hove Council meeting on the 16th December that a report will be requested for a future ETS committee to look into the funds required to construct a new pedestrian footbridge over the A293 (Hangleton Link Road) near to the Fox Way / Hangleton Lane roundabout.

Since the Hangleton Link Road was built in the early 1990s as part of the A27 Brighton Bypass, it has caused severance between North Portslade & Hangleton. It has been proposed many times before to provide some sort of pedestrian crossing provision, including a TRO for a new signal controlled crossing at the roundabout earlier this year. However it has now been proposed to provide a grade separated crossing here for foot traffic, and also likely cycle traffic too.

Fox Way & Hangleton Lane does make up route 34 of the LCWIP. So it can be assumed that the bridge will be designed for cycle use, or future cycle use.