On the 30th September 2021, Brighton & Hove City Council opened their draft Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for consultation, the consultation will be open for 6 weeks. This draft LWCIP outlines the current routes that have been selected, and categorises them as “Top priority”, “Strategic” & “Key recreational” with 17, 22 & 5 routes respectively. The combined length of the top priority & strategic is over 100km, however this does include roads that currently have cycle provision and some routes will not have dedicated cycle provision, using traffic calming and reduction measures instead. The Plan also says that all roads will be designed for bicycles & pedestrians in mind and make up part of the greater network

Routes currently selected in the draft LCWIP

Cycling routes identified

List of all the routes & approximate lengths and current provision

Route NumberRoute NameLengthCurrent Provision
1Church Street0.7kmOne Way road with advisory contraflow cycle lane (East of Queens Road)
Traffic calmed with modal filter (West of Queens Road)
2North Street and Dyke Road5.1kmLimited traffic at times (North Street)
No provision (Dyke Road South of Seven Dials)
Narrow/very narrow cycle lanes (Dyke Road North of Seven Dials)
3Lewes Road5.9kmShared use path (North of Coldean Lane)
On-road cycle lanes with bus stop bypass (Between Coldean Lane & Vouge Gyratory)
Intermittent on-road cycle lanes (South of Vouge Gyratory)
4A23 (London Road)6.0kmOn-road cycle lanes (between Mill Road Roundabout & Stamford Avenue)
Two lane one-way road no provision – alternative back streets (between Stamford Avenue & St. Peters Church)
Two-way cycle track (Between St. Peters Church and Church Street)
Two lane one-way road no provision – alternative back streets (between Church Street & Seafront)
5Eastern Road / Edward Street2.2kmCycle lane provided (sometimes as a combined bus lane) (Edward Street)
No provision (Easter Road)
6A259 (Blackrock -> WSCC)5.9kmOn-carriageway bi-directional cycle track (Madeira Drive)
Off-road & On-road(temp) cycle lane/track (Between pier and Fourth Avenue)
Off-road marked track & short use of road (Between Fourth Avenue & Wharf Road)
No provision – alternative route via Wharf road (Between Wharf road and WSCC boundary)
7Chesham Road, St George’s Road, Bristol Road & St James’ Street1.9kmNo provision
8Buckingham Place, Terminus Road, Queens Road & West Street1.6kmNo provision (Seven Dials to Brighton Station)
Contraflow cycle lane (Brighton Station to Gloucester Street)
ASL & more turns/modal filters to side roads inc. right turn at A259 (Brighton Station to Seafront)
9A259 (Pier -> ESCC)7.4kmNone other than ASL (pier to Black Rock)
Off-road “segregated” cycle/footway (Black Rock to Rottingdean)
ASL (Rottingdean)
Shared use paths / Bus Lanes (Rottingdean to ESCC boundary)
10New Church Road, Church Road & Western Road5.2kmLimited traffic (Western Road)
No provision other than ASL
11Queens Park Road1.4kmNo provision other than ASL
12Old Shoreham Road / New England Road / Viaduct Road / Upper Lewes Road7.3kmNo provision other than ASL (Upper Lewes Road)
No provision (one-way) (Viaduct Road)
Small section of cycle lane (New England Road)
No provision (OSR between New England Road & Dyke Road)
Stepped cycle lanes (OSR between Dyke Road & The Upper Drive)
No provision other than ASL(OSR The Upper Drive & WSCC boundary)
13Ditchling Road5.0kmOff-road unpaved sealed shared path (between Old Boat Corner & Woodbourne Avenue)
Short cycle lane sections & ASL (between Woodbourne Avenue & St. Peters Church)
14Upper Hollingdean Road0.8kmNo provision
15Union Road0.3kmNo provision – cycle path provided in The Level
16Sackville Road / Nevill Road4.0kmNo provision other than ASL
17Wilson Avenue2.6kmNo provision other than ASL
18Springfield Road0.7kmTraffic calming & Buildouts
19Stanford Avenue & Beaconsfield Road0.7kmNo provision – one-way 2/3 lane road
20Trafalgar Road, Locks Hill, Southdown Road & Croft Drive2.8kmNo provision other than ASL except footpath connecting Croft Drive to Chalky Road
21Elm Grove and Warren Road4.1kmNo provision other than ASL
22Argyle Road and Campbell Road0.2kmUnmarked contraflow cycle lanes
23Boundary Road, Hangleton Road, and King George VI Avenue3.2kmShort sections of cycle lanes at junctions. ASL provided at signalised junctions
24Hangleton Way and Downland Drive2.6kmNo provision
25Vernon Terrace & Montpelier Road1.5kmNo provision other than ASL
26The Avenue1.6kmNo provision
27Davigdor Road and Cromwell Road1.9kmNo provision other than ASL
28Portland Road2kmNo provision other than ASL
29Basin Road South1.5kmNo provision
30Gladstone Road0.8kmNo provision
31Carden Avenue3.1kmNo provision
32Coldean Lane2.2kmNo provision
33Grand Avenue and The Drive1.5kmSegregated cycle tracks on both sides
34Fox Way and Hangleton Lane2.0kmNo provision
35The Upper Drive0.9kmNo provision other than ASL
36Mile Oak Road and High Street0.5kmNo provision
37Preston Drove and Millers Road2.0kmNo provision
38Rottingdean High Street and Falmer Road4.8kmNo provision (South of Drove Road)
Off-road shared paved cycle/footway (North of Drove Road)
39Barcombe Place & Lucraft Road1.9kmNo provision other than dedicated wide cycle/footway between Lucraft Road and the Amex.
NCN20 A23 London RoadExisting Paved cycle route heading North besides the A23 towards Pyecombe
Devil’s Dyke RoadExisting unpaved cycle route heading North West towards Devil’s Dyke
Devil’s Dyke Railway Cycle TrackExisting paved cycle route heading North West towards Devil’s Dyke along former railway line
Benfield Valley Cycle TrackExisting paved shared use path through Benfield Valley
Undercliff PathExisting paved shared use path under the cliffs between Black Rock & Seaford

Priority Cycling Schemes

The “top priority” routes are prioritised with all hopefully being delivered within 10 years, the other highlighted routes may be delivered in the next 10 years if they warrant attention or could be incorporated into development schemes in the area. The top priority routes are planned to be delivered in the Short term (<3 years), Medium term (<5 years) & Long term (>5 years). Some of these schemes are already funded and about to start construction, such as those in the Active Travel Fund Tranche 2, whilst others will be awaiting funding.

Scheme NameRoute Number & SectionPriorityNotes
Church Street1Short
North Street2aMedium
Dyke Road (Seven Dials to The Upper Drive)2bMedium A stepped cycle lane was proposed here 8 years ago
Dyke Road (The Upper Drive to A27)2cMedium
Lewes Road (South)3aMedium
Lewes Road (North)3bMedium
A23 (Argyle Road to Patcham Roundabout)4aShortActive Travel Fund Tranche 2 (2021-2022)
A23 (A259 to Marlborough Place)4bShortValley Gardens Phase 3 (2022)
A23 (Valley Gardens to Argyle Road)4cMediumActive Travel Fund Tranche 3 bid to look into routes for this section
Eastern Road / Edward Street5Long
Madeira Drive6aShort
A259 (Wharf Road to Palace Pier)6bShortCurrently Temp ATF T1 scheme. Aspirations for two-way high quality cycle track
A259 (Western Border to Wharf Road)6cMediumATF T2 temp cycle lane. Aspirations for two-way high quality cycle track
Chesham Road, St George’s Road, Bristol Road & St. James’ Street7Long
Buckingham Place, Terminus Road, Queens Road & West Street8Medium
A259 (Marine Parade)9aShortATF T3 bid for cycle lanes to tie into Valley Gardens Phase 3 scheme (2022-2023)
A259 (Marine Drive)9bShort
Western Road (Dyke Road to Montpelier Road)10aShortActive Travel Fund Tranche 2 funded (2021-2022)
New Church Road, Church Road & Western Road10bMedium
Queens Park Road11Long
Old Shoreham Road (Hangleton Road to Dyke Road)12aMediumWhere the ATF T1 scheme was removed
Old Shoreham Road (East of Dyke Road), New England Road, Viaduct Road, Upper Lewes Road12bLong
Old Shoreham Road (Western Border to Hangleton Road)12cLong
Ditchling Road (North)13aShortNo official statement on this, however the current unpaved shared use path could be upgraded to asphalt.
Ditchling Road (South)13bLong
Upper Hollingdean Road14Long
Union Road15Medium
Nevill Road16aMedium
Sackville Road16bLong
Wilson Avenue17Long

Improvements on these routes may include:

The plan suggests the type of changes that can be expected on these routes.

  • Widened Pavements
  • Better quality Pavements (surface & smooth)
  • Pedestrianisation
  • New Pavements on desire lines
  • Continuous Pavements over side roads
  • Wayfinding
  • Pedestrian crossings
    • Increasing green light time for crossings
    • Replacing two stage with single stage
    • Reduce crossing distances via buildouts
    • Automatic priority to pedestrians at signalised crossings
    • New signalised, zebra or informal crossings
  • Public realm and street furniture
    • Tree planting & other greenery
    • Parklets
    • New benches & seating
  • Decluttering
  • Lighting
  • Low Traffic Measures
    • Modal filters
    • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
  • Speed Reduction
  • School Streets
  • Fully segregated cycle tracks
  • Stepped cycle lanes
  • Lightly segregated cycle lanes
  • General junction improvements for cyclists
    • Advance green light
    • Separate traffic phases to avoid conflicts
    • Introduce more Advance Stop Lines
  • Dutch style roundabouts – although not sure where one of these would be suitable
  • Grade Separation – bridges & underpasses for pedestrians & cyclists
  • Crossings new/upgraded parallel / toucan crossings
  • Floating bus stops
  • Bus stop boarder
  • Coloured surfacing of cycle lanes
  • Cycle Parking

The Draft LCWIP can be found below. The consultation page can be found here

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5 thoughts on “Brighton & Hove’s draft LCWIP opened for consultation

  1. How much is this going to cost and who is paying for this?? Also how much are the consultants being paid and who is paying for them??


  2. The under cliff should be walking only cyclists are dangerous and go too fast, A259 the cycle lanes should be off the road and on the pavement there are already wide cycle lanes on pavement why put more on the road, cyclists hold up bus routes so should not be allowed to use them bus routes should mean faster travel not slower.
    I could not understand where the pedestrian streets are presumably THIS time you will ask local neighbours what they want. Not everyone can cycle so consider ALL and evryone

  3. A bus route linking the Deans to Falmer station would be invaluable for so many residents. It would mean better and more efficient access to Falmer, Lewes, Sussex Uni, Eastbourne, Newhaven, Seaford etc. Currently we have to go all the way to central Brighton to the just come back out to the station over the fields behind Woodingdean. Even just one return trip in the morning and one in the evening would be a huge help for school kids, college students, workers, and for leisure/tourism too, saving that extra bit of congestion in the city centre.

  4. Very much in support of these proposals to carefully handle the changing mix of travel to more active modes. Probably needs more focus on easy to find explainers that connect with the community. It’s always felt like such fact based explainers have not reached those affected by any changes in good time.

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