East Sussex to introduce Lane Rental Scheme

Under a Department for Transport backed initiative, highway authorities are able to charge utility companies for closing lanes for road works. Charges are up to £2,500 per day but will vary depending on the classification of the road, the time of day the works are in place, how long the closure is for and if the company has carried out work in the same place recently.

ESCC agreed on the 30th September that they would proceed with the scheme, it now awaits approval from the  Secretary of State for Transport. It is likely that the scheme will start in 2023.

It is hoped that as a result of the scheme, delays and disruption on major routes will be minimised and encourage developers and utility companies to carry out works at off-peak times and quickly.

The fees will also apply to the council’s highways team, however fees can be waivered if multiple companies carry out their works at the same time.

The income raised from the scheme will go towards running the scheme, and any surplus money will be reinvested into highway projects that help reduce disruption from highway works.

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