Adur District Transport Strategy (2022-2036)

The Draft West Sussex Transport Plan (2022-2036) outlines the current transport networks within West Sussex and the potential aspirations for future changes and needs. Every district has short, medium and long term changes outlined for all modes of transportation.

Adur district is about 40% urban area covering Shoreham & Lancing with Brighton City Airport in the centre. The rest of the area is within the South Downs National Park. The A27 & A283 are the two busiest roads that cross the district, with the A270, A259 amongst others also located within the district. The West Coastway Line crosses the district for rail traffic. NCN2 & NCN223 also pass through the area.

Issues highlighted by the plan

  1. Congestion at peak times on the A27, A259 and A270 which leads to rat-running on less suitable routes.
  2. Level crossings in Shoreham, Southwick and Lancing cause congestion and poor local air quality.
  3. Traffic-related air quality management areas on Shoreham High Street and in Southwick.
  4. HGV access to Worthing and Shoreham Port is via roads that are also residential
  5. The current cycle network does not meet user needs as it is disjoined and there is limited space and segregation including NCN2 which is largely on-road and follows an indirect route through the district.
  6. Bus journey times are slow at peak times due to congestion on routes such as the A259
  7. Rail services to Brighton and the Solent cities can be slow and some trains lack modern facilities.
  8. Severance caused by the A27 & West Coastway Line.

Short term priorities (2022-2027)

  1. On-street electric vehicle charging infrasturue in Shoreham
  2. A27 Worthing and Lancing improvements (including Active Travel Facilities)
  3. Active Travel Fund Scheme – Shoreham
  4. Air Quality Action Plan measures in Shoreham and Southwick

Its unclear what the A27 Worthing & Lancing Improvements would be, the major scheme be HE would be developed after 2027. This could be related to widening and improving the footway into a cycleway.

The Shoreham Active Travel Fund Scheme would be mostly in relation to Upper Shoreham Road’s proposed segregated cycle tracks that was planned to be funded by Tranche 3, although this would be delayed to Tranche 4 due to being barred from funding due to badly handling Tranche 1 schemes.

Medium term priorities (2027-2032)

  1. A259 Shoreham to Brighton cycle route (timing dependant on development)
  2. A27 Worthing & Lancing major scheme
  3. Active travel crossings on the A27 & West Coastway
  4. Lancing & Somping cycle routes
  5. LCWIP Priorities
  6. On-street electric vehicle charging infrastructure in remaining areas

The (NCN2) Shoreham to Brighton Cycle route is part of a bigger aspiration of both WSCC & BHCC to provide a high quality fully segregated cycleway all the way along the seafront within the built up area. This will not only provide an active travel corridor, but also a leisure route that would be easily accessible to everyone. This would likely be funded by the ATF.

The A27 Worthing & Lancing major scheme would be delivered by Highways England and mostly contains junction improvements.

There is nothing outlined for new crossings of the A27 & West Coastway line, however the HE scheme may provide additional crossings of the A27.

Long term priorities (2032-2036)

  1. LCWIP priorities
  2. Reconfigure West Coastway service
  3. Potential local highway capacity improvements (subject to need)

In addition to the priorities listed here the plan does also mention:

  1. Use traffic signal technology to give priority to shared transport where services operate frequently.
  2. Behavioural initiatives to tackle inappropriate use of unsuitable routes

A27 & Railway crossings could be some of those shown below, along with LCWIP from the cycle route map.

Severance caused by the A27 & Railway. Green = Grade Separated. Amber = Traffic Signal Controlled. Red = Uncontrolled.
Cycle routes – existing & proposed routes.

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