West Sussex Lane Rental Scheme comes into force

West Sussex County Council’s Lane Rental scheme was approved by the Secretary of State for Transport and has now come into force on the 1st December 2022.

West Sussex is the fourth council to be awarded the powers to charge companies which carry out roadworks which impact important road routes.

The overall aim of the scheme is to reduce congestion caused by roadworks by encouraging utility companies to reduce the length of time and impact they have on the road network when carrying out works, as well as encouraging the different utility companies to carry out works at the same time.

Not all roads will be subjected to Lane Rental. Most A roads and some B roads are subjected to Lane Rental. Lane Rental only comes into effect if the works are between 0630 & 1830, with some roads exempting 0930 – 1600, or works on weekends and bank holidays.

The cost to a utility company will be £2,500 per day, however will be reduced to £2,000 if only a single lane of a multi-lane is closed, or only £1,500 is a cycle track is closed.

Charges can be waivered in certain circumstances such as:

  • First 2 days of a genuine immediate event (i.e. gas/water leak)
  • If the activities do not break up the street
  • When the activities are confined to a verge, footway, footpath, bridleway or byway
  • For activities relating to lamp posts, posts or signs

WSCC retains the right to waive or discount the charges and may do so for activities which provide a benefit to the highway.

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