£40 billion to be spent on new/improved trunk roads in the next 10 years

A total of £40,000,000,000 of new and improved work opportunities are expected to be opened for tender of the next 10 years. Most of these schemes are part of the £27.4b RIS2 program, but also includes some RIS3 schemes as well as some non-RIS schemes.

The A27 Arundel Bypass does not make up part of this £40b as it has already been tendered for.

The A27 at Chichester does appear on the list at a value of £443m. The A27 at Chichester appeared on the pipeline for RIS3 in RIS2. This should be a sufficient amount for a new expressway style dual carriageway bypass, likely around the Northern side of the city. This would be about £50m / km, which is a similar cost as the A27 Arundel Bypass.

The A27 Lewes – Polegate scheme does also appear on the list at a value of £227m. This scheme appeared on the pipeline for RIS3 in RIS2. Previous estimates put an offline single carriageway at £270m-£310 and for a dual carriageway at £440 – £530. Clearly £227m is less than the lowest estimated amount, so what this scheme may include is questionable. It is very unlikely to be a dual carriageway, but a single carriageway between Polegate and Firle could be provided using the existing A27 between Lewes and Firle?

Gatwick Airport Third Party Works – This is the first time this scheme has been seen (by me at least). It is valued at £9m and I couldn’t find any information on what it could entail.
It could be linked with the improvements to the Northern Runway ay Gatwick Airport which would increase capacity at the airport and therefore nearby roads. However the recent M23 SMP improved the M23, M23 J9 & the M23 Spur, so its unlikely to see any changes at these in the coming years. These changes could be linked to the short piece of A23 that links the Eastern and Western roundabouts of Airport Way which is a trunk road. Potentially reconfiguring the junction and connectivity to the LRN, since there is currently very limited connectivity here.

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