Brighton & Hove to start using CCTV enforcement of cycle lanes

On the 25th August, Brighton & Hove City Council announced that they would introduce cameras to enforce parking and/or loading restrictions of cycle lanes. Initially these will be Church Street, London Road, Lewes Road, Preston Road & West Street.

The cameras will be installed in September. During the month of September, the registered keeper will receive a warning letter, however from October onwards a PCN will be issue. The charge will be £70, however is reduced to £35 if payed within the first 14 days.

The announcement also said that more bus stops in the city centre will be getting CCTV enforcement.

Changes to the Traffic Management Act 2004 in June of last year allowed camera enforcement of some parking violations such as parking in cycle lanes, bus stops & on zig-zag markings. Although enforcement by a traffic warden was possible before then for these offences.

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