Hanover and Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood Pilot Further Public Engagement

In October 2021 B&H CC asked residents about what they would like to see to help make Hanover and Tarner into a liveable neighbourhood. Responses from this have been collected and a rough scheme has been developed for measures that could be taken in places.

The aims of the “Liveable Neighbourhood” is to produce a “LTN” (Low Traffic Neighbourhood) style of traffic removal. Its goals are to remove through traffic from the streets, allowing them to be safer for all road users and also improve the environment via lower sound & air pollution. This is the first neighbourhood wide scheme in Sussex, and aims to mimic how modern housing developments aim to minimise through traffic from residential streets. If this trial is successful, the council will be looking at other areas to implement a LTN.

This scheme is being put back to the community for further engagement, which will be used to see measures are supported or any issues to be raised. A full consultation will take place later this year on the final designs, this will then likely have the measures installed shortly after that once taken to the ETS committee.

The plans include:

  • New one-way street orders
  • Removal of one-way orders
  • Modal Filters (allow pedestrians & cyclists through)
  • Banned left/right turns at peak times
  • Bus Gate
  • Pocket Parks
  • School Street Restrictions (TBC)
Option 1 of the LTN

It isn’t clear yet, but the measures are likely to be installed under a ETRO (Experimental Traffic Restriction Order), where people can comment on the scheme for 18 months, at which point the scheme could either be removed, or kept in regards to the restrictions, although the physical measures are still able to be changed.

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