Council is wanting input into the Hanover and Tarner liveable neighbourhood project.

Brighton & Hove City Council are asking residents what changes they would like to see or issues addresses within the Hanover and Tarner area. The area is bounded to the A23 (Valley Gardens) and the A270 (Lewes Road) to the West, Elm Grove to the North, Queens Park Road to the East and Edward Street / Eastern Road to the South.

For this first liveable neighbourhood in Brighton & Hove there is a 21 day period where residents can submit their ideas and concerns on this website, this will then be used to develop plans which will be put to consultation in early 2022. After this consultation temporary measures will be put in and then if successful the measure will be made permanent.

The objective of this liveable neighbourhood project is to reduce motor traffic through residential streets and allow more space to be used by the community as well as encouraging active travel.

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