Plans to improve Western Road as part of the Active Travel Fund have been released. These changes are mostly for easier and safer pedestrian crossings of the road. The results on the consultation suggested there was a a strong approval amongst residents for these improvements to take place.

The Plans

At the Western end of the scheme, a mountable central reserve will be added, although its questionable why an uncontrolled crossing is required so close to a controlled one. There are various other changes such as making all side roads have a raised continuous footway and likely repaving of the entire pedestrian area.
A similar design continues along the scheme there is a raised crossing, however this isn’t coming a zebra crossing which would make sense in this location.
The choke point will be removed and replaced with another raised crossing.
The current raised crossing in the centre of the bus stop area will have buildouts added to shorten the crossing distance. Major changes will also happen to the junction, removing the signal controlled junction with a priority junction. Two pedestrian crossings will be placed near their current location, although the one on Dyke Road will be uncontrolled. The drawings here do omit zig zags, which would result interfere with the planned keep clear markings and loading bay. The bus gate will also be relocated from the junction with Dyke road to West Street/Queens Road.

Update 29th Aug 2021 – suggests that works will finish by the 16th May 2022 and will be subjected to a S58 restriction for 3.5 years.

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