Two sets of junction works in Crawley complete

City Place Junction

The City Place Junction which is located where the A23 (London Road) & Bee Hive Ring Road meet, was originally constructed in about 2005 as the area surrounding the historic original terminal building was developed. This junction was special since it featured bus priority measures allowing buses to travel between the Bee Hive Ring Road & The Airport Perimeter Road, which had bus stops along it serving the airport.

This technically served as two separate junctions, the one on the A23 which also had Pelican crossing across its Southern side, and the other one on the perimeter road which also featured a Pelican crossing to allow pedestrian access to the bus stops.

In about 2007 Gatwick Airport’s Perimeter Road under the terminal building as closed to general traffic, including busses as a security precaution, this meant that the bus links and subsequent traffic controlled junction on the Perimeter road were redundant and closed off/switched off. As part of the works taken place over the last few months, these signals were removed and the busways were removed& grassed over after sitting redundant for nearly 15 years. The Pelican crossing has been removed but replaced with a dropped kerb with tactile paving, although it only leads to the old bus stop.

The Junction on the A23 had its signals renewed & one of the bus links removed as it was redundant. The crossings were upgraded to Puffin Crossings too.

A23 Junction. Bus making a right turn
A23 Looking North. This is the only Puffin Crossing that is Red by default
Approach to A23 junction from the Bee Hive Ring Road
Old Busway link which would of gone towards the A23 junction. Former bus stop is on the left.
Old busway link from the A23 to the perimeter road. Here was the signal controlled junction & Pelican crossing. Old signals on the left behind where the old controller unit was located.

Ifield Road / Ifield Avenue

The Junction of Ifield Road & Ifield Avenue used to be a mini-roundabout, however works over the past few months have replaced this with a signal controlled junction which includes widened approaches including a dedicated left turn lane. All sides of the junction also have Toucan crossings, which replaced the previous toucan crossing between the mini-roundabout & the A23 Roundabout. From my experience, the junction is well phased and doesn’t require pedestrians or cyclists to wait for a long time.

Cycle approach from the East
Approach from the North
Approach from the West
Approach from the South with a dedicated left turn lane.

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