Manor Royal £3.3m improvement scheme scheduled to start in January 2022

The main works of the first phase of the Manor Royal improvement scheme is due to start in January 2022, with some of the minor junction works of the A23 London Road & County Oak way taking place last month.

Flythrough of the proposed scheme

Phase 1 works (starting January 2022)

Phase 1 works include:

County Oak Way / London Road (A23) Junction (Completed)

  • Both Lanes on the County Oak Way will be marked for right turns instead of just the right lane
  • Some Puffin crossings changed to Toucan crossings
  • Bus stop layout changed on Northern side

Martyrs Avenue / London Road (A23) Junction (2nd May – 29th Jul)

  • Puffin crossings changed to Toucan crossings
  • Shared routes created with cycle ingress & egress
  • Signalised cycle crossings
  • A23 Southbound Lanes reduced to 2 from 3

Manor Royal / London Road (A23) Junction (7th Feb – 30th May)

  • Three new Toucan crossings as part of the junction
  • New cycleway through the island to make cycle and pedestrians journeys along the Eastern side of the A23 more direct.
  • Lanes & Carriageways rearranged

London Road (A23) (7th Feb – 29th Jul)

  • Shared Cycle/footway to be widened and segregated where possible
  • Southbound lanes to be reduced from 3 to 2 on the approach to Manor Royal Junction

Manor Royal (4th Jan – 11th Feb)

  • Westbound Bus lane (also allows cycles) From Crompton Way to London Road (A23) – existing
  • New Standalone Toucan crossing
  • Possible cycleways on both sides (unclear)
  • Toucan crossing across side road at Crompton Way

Phase 2 works

Phase 2 works include:

Manor Royal

  • New Eastbound bus lane
  • Upgrade Standalone Puffin Crossing to Toucan Crossing

Gatwick Road Roundabout

  • Potential for feature art
  • Possible additional signalisation

County Oak Way

  • Raised table at roundabout for retail park
  • New Zebra crossing West of Retail Park Roundabout

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