Further Consultation has been carried out on the proposed extension of the temporary A259 cycle lane beside Brighton’s seafront. Initial consultation took place earlier this year and as a result of that the plans have been amended. It was initially proposed that the one-way roads South of the A259 would change, with some being reversed, however this has now changed. In addition the current two-way route will be retained, with the new westbound being provided in addition.

These plans are only temporary, and will use temporary infrastructure such as wands to segregate the cycle lane. Although some of the pavement will be widened using more traditional methods. The cycle lane will be gained by removing one of the Westbound Lanes.

Most parking & loading bays will be retained, however some parking bays will be replaced with disabled parking. Additional cycle parking will be provided, including spaces for larger, adapted or disabled bicycles.

It is anticipated that in the next few years a permanent scheme will be implemented, this is likely to provide a 4-5m wide two-way cycle track, utilising the already repurposed road space & current on-pavement cycle lane.

Consultation is open until the 9th January 2022, the results of this will be presented to the ETS committee later in January where they will make the decision to go ahead with the scheme or not. It approved then works are due to start in Spring 2022.

Illustration of what the new cycle lane might look like

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