Brighton Mainline Closure for 9 days later this month for £15m improvement

Between the Saturday 19th to Sunday 27th February the Brighton Mainline will be closed for improvements at both Copyhold Junction near Haywards Heath as well as a new bridleway subway at Hassocks to be constructed as well as other maintenance such as drainage & embankment stabilisation works elsewhere along the closure.

Copyhold Junction

Some of the track at Copyhold junction is over 40 years old, so this track & sleepers are being replaced with newer ones, as well as switches being upgraded at the junction which will allow the ride to be smoother & potentially run at a higher speed.

Track Replacement

Parts of the track are also being replaced near to Burgess Hill, similarly to works that took place at Clayton Tunnel a few weekends ago.

Subway at Hassocks

Due to a large amount of new housing development in the North of Hassocks, the existing public footpath level crossing has been closed due to the significantly added traffic across the railway. Now a subway is being built under the railway which will allow pedestrians & other non-motorised users to pass the railway in safety.

Drainage works

Near to Balcombe the drainage system is being improved.

Bus replacement services will be provided throughout the works period, with an additional bus service from East Grinstead to Lewes.