Alterations to Gatwick’s surface access plans for Northern Runway expansion

A second round of informal consultation has been held by Gatwick Airport Limited. This consultation is running between the 14th June till the 27th July and is on the changes made since the first consultation held last summer.

The consultation still doesn’t state what NMU improvements are being proposed other than a shared use path between Longbridge Roundabout & the Southern terminal via the Northern terminal.

The changes have been mostly made to conform to standards, this is very apparent for the merge and weaving lengths.

The Plans

M23 Spur

The M23 spur is now proposed to be reclassified to become an A-road. It is still proposed to turn the Eastbound carriageway into a three lane carriageway by reusing the current hard shoulder as a running lane. However due to the the central reserve barrier being moved slightly North due to the Smart Motorway Works that took place, it may require some earth works and slight carriageway widening. Its proposed to have its motorway restrictions removed, however since the spur only links to a motorway, it is on all levels a dumb thing to do.

South Terminal junction

The current roundabout on the end of the spur has had no changes since the first consultation. Still proposed to become a D2 flyover designed for 50mph, however now it will lack motorway regulations.

North Terminal Junction

North Terminal junction has had a major revision. The previously proposed traffic signal controlled junction has been replaced with enlarging and signalizing the existing roundabout. Changes to the A23 spur Eastbound have also been made by removing the merge, all A23 Eastbound Spur traffic now has to come from the signal controlled junction on the A23, where it will diverge from the main A23.

The railway bridge will be expanded to three lanes Westbound

Proposed fly through of the scheme

Queens Gate Roundabout/Junction

The proposed changes at Queens Gate Roundabout / Junction have appeared to of disappeared.

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