New scheme announced along Goldstone Villas

A new highway scheme along Goldstone Villas has opened for consultation which would improve pedestrian crossings and introduce cycle lanes to improve safety.

Critically the miniroundabout between Goldstone Villas, Clarendon Villas & Eaton Villas will be be removed, and instead the side roads will be disconnected except for bicycles & pedestrians.

The consultation is open between the Monday the 20th June and 15th July. After this period feedback from the consultation will be used to alter the final designs before they are put to the ETS committee in November. If approved the scheme may start construction in Spring 2023.

On the Southern end of the scheme, the current miniroundabout will be removed, with only cycles being allowed into the side roads. Zebra crossings are provided for pedestrians. A short section of segregated cycle track would be provided around the rear of the bus stop, along with a 1.5m wide cycle lane provided along the rest of the route.

On the Northern side of the scheme, the current access for the station car park would be replaced with traffic signals which would have pedestrian crossings. The existing taxi rank in the middle of the road would be relocated to the side of the.

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