Strategic Active Travel Improvements for the South East (30 year plan)

Within the Transport for the South East’s Strategic Investment Plan there are many proposed packages to the active travel network within Sussex. Because active travel is usually a locally planned investment, the document doesn’t over every improvement proposed, even if they are major, but mostly includes long distance or inter-urban routes. It can be assumed that every urban area will still have their own LCWIPs to improve intra-urban journeys. The long routes mentioned are:

  • NCN2 improvements – likely mostly fixing the gaps in the route and improve the quality of the existing route.
  • East Sussex Inter-urban Cycleways
  • West Sussex Inter-urban Cycleways
  • New London – Brighton Cycle Network Corridor (NCN20)
  • London – Paris New “Avenue Verte” (NCN21)

Many of the highway schemes also includes cycleways

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