Consultation on footpath upgrade to cycleway opens for Bognor Regis

A public consultation is open until the 10th April on the upgrade of an existing public footpath to a cycleway which involves widening the existing path beside educational facilities & replacing an existing end-of-life Pelican crossing with a new Toucan Crossing which would connect the new cycleway to the existing cycleways along the B2259.

The route is 650 metres long and is mostly a 1.5m paved footpath, which would see it widened to 3.5m. The existing perimeter fence around the schools would have to be relocated to allow the widening of the path. In addition, new lighting would be provided along the path where none currently exists. This will improve safety, for road safety, personal security & property security.

Upgrading this path would allow much improved cycling & walking access to a primary school, college & leisure centre. It is expected that the scheme may be able to be constructed in 2024 at an overall cost of £880,000. As the existing Pelican crossing has reached the end of its serviceable life, it would need replacing in the coming years regardless of this scheme going ahead or not, which would cost in the region of £30,000.

The consultation page can be found here.

The Plans

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