Major road crossing on the Downs Link to be improved

Campaigners from “Bridge the Downs Link” have been campaigning for a bridge crossing for the Downs Link at the A281 crossing. Currently the popular cycle, walking & horse riding route which follows the alignment of a dismantled railway crosses the A road at an uncontrolled crossing. Unfortunately two people have died at this crossing in the past couple of years, so West Sussex County Council have had consultants explore the options possible for improving the crossing.

The popular solution found is to build a bridge across the A281. This would cost about £2 million. The Downs Link does run on a high embankment here as when it was a railway there was a bridge here. This means that ramps and gradients would not require construction and be gentle.

However due to cost, WSCC have suggested that they will opt for a dual Pegasus & Toucan crossing. This will cost £600,000, which is significantly more than a usual crossing. Most of this cost is related to associated works for the crossing including paving and smooth of the existing ramps, install an electrical supply & install street lighting in the vicinity of the crossing as this is required for a crossing.

WSCC will continue dialogue with stakeholders to refine the design and obtain funding. No dates have been given of when construction would be expected.

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