The long overdue allocations of the Active Travel Fund Tranche 3 were announced last week.

West Sussex, as expected was not awarded any money due to the premature removal of the initial Tranche 1 schemes. East Sussex was also not awarded any money.

Brighton & Hove was awarded £1,286,847 which is slightly over half of what was awarded for Tranche 2. B&H were looking at getting the same or more, the low figure may be as a result of the removal of the Old Shoreham cycle lanes late last year.

19 Authorities received £78,947 for a feasibility study into a “mini-holland” scheme. Brighton & Hove was successfully selected for their bid of a “mini-holland” scheme in the ward of Wish & Westbourne. This feasibility study money in included in the overall amount awarded.

We do not know what schemes were bidded for within the Tranche 3, other than A259 Marine Parade cycle lanes/track which would tie into the Valley Gardens Phase 3 scheme which should start construction later this year. The other schemes could be:

  • Old Town – making layout changes within the Laines
  • A23 North – likely Stanford Avenue
  • New Church Road / Church Road Feasibility study
  • Lewes Road Feasibility study

The A259 Marine Parade scheme will stretch from the pier to the marina and include a two-way cycle track on the Southern side & improved pedestrian & cycle crossing points of the A259.

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