Cycling & Bus improvements at The Forest School, Horsham

A small cycling & bus improvement along Comptons Lane next to The Forest School in Horsham has gone to public consultation. The improvements are a mixture of two separate schemes which are funded by different streams.

The first scheme is a bus improvement scheme, which will see a new bus stop layby constructed which will allow 2 buses to use the stop whilst not blocking traffic. This is in addition to the current 1 bus stop layby. This is being funded by County Council’s Local Transport Improvement Programme (LTIP).

The second scheme is larger and involves reworking the existing short section of cycle track, and provide safer crossings for cyclists and pedestrians in the vicinity of the school. This will be achieved by installing three new raised parallel crossings, and a further 2 raised crossings at side roads.

The southern access to the service road along Comptons Lane will also be redesigned to make the junction smaller and provide better access for cyclists and pedestrians, access to the service road will be relocated

Detailed drawing of the Northern end of the scheme. New raised tables and two new Parallel crossings, although the one at the school entrance isn’t the best choice.
Layout of the Southern end of the scheme

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