Brighton’s trial Park and Ride postponed

Last month, Brighton & Hove’s Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee approved a trial Park and Ride scheme to take place over 4 summer months on Mill Road. Over £100,000 of funding was allocated to the implementation and removal of a trial scheme, however the scheme will no longer take place this summer.

The decision to postpone the scheme came from the Brighton & Hove’s Bus watch due to external reasons such as not having assurances from National Highways that signage for the scheme could be installed on the A27 & A23 trunk roads. Also that no Traffic Restriction Order has been consulted upon, which is required for 3 weeks, plus a time afterwards to review responses and even take it to another ETS committee if there were to be too many rejections.

As it is also situated within the South Downs National Park, changes may also have been needed to be approved by them as well, although changes in the temporary scheme would likely not need permission as it is a consented development within the powers of the highway authority.

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