A2300 dualing scheme completed

The A2300’s £23 million scheme to dual 2.4KM of road was completed last week. The scheme took nearly 2 years to complete, starting in April 2020. Both lanes of both carriageways are now fully open, along with the new 3m cycle/footway, however the section East of Cuckfield Road Roundabout is still partially closed due to the roundabout works not being completed. The roundabout works are being carried out by the housing developer and not the contractor appointed by WSCC for the dualing scheme.

New LILO layout at Job’s Corner

The scheme also saw 5 junctions modified to suit the new road layout.

  • Hickstead Interchange saw minor changes to the Eastern roundabout to suit the dual carriageway, however the proposed works to the Western roundabout were not delivered
  • Job’s Corner (shown above) was turned into a LILO (Left in, Left out), requiring use of the roundabouts to make right turns. Unfortunately no crossing provision was included for NMUs.
  • Hamlin’s Corner was made into a Left Out only, except for NMUs. Again, unfortunately no crossing provision was included for NMU’s which are instead expected to go to the roundabout to cross.
  • Cuckfield Road Roundabout was rebuilt and slightly enlarged to suit the dual carriageway
  • Northern Arc Avenue roundabout is a new roundabout which will serve a large amount of housing development on the Northern side of Burgess Hill, this is still under construction

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