Enforcement of parking in cycle lanes has resulted in 18 fines a month in Brighton & Hove

At the end of August 2021 Brighton & Hove City Council announced that they would start using camera enforcement of cycle lanes to issue PCNs to those illegally parked in them. Only 4 of the 5 locations announced have been used during enforcement so far being Preston Road, Church Street*, Lewes Road & West Street, all using existing enforcement cameras.

Cameras were bought into action in October, with the first month only sending out warning notices, from the start of November PCNs were issued to offending vehicles.

StreetOctober (Warnings)NovemberDecember (to 17th)
Preston Road6122
Preston Drove369
Lewes Road100
West Street000

B&HCC were also asked about how many were paid at the various levels. All which have paid did so within the 14 day period at the discounted £35. 2 cases from November have been appealed and are awaiting decision to be made.

Status (as of 17th December)NovemberDecember (to 17th)
Paid @ discounted £35131
Paid @ full £7000
Appealed2 (awaiting decision)0

The council also stated that two more sites will be bought online in the coming months for camera enforcement, these will be London Road from the 1st Jan 2022 & Preston Road from the 1st February 2022. It can be assumed that these two locations will also be existing enforcement cameras such as bus lane cameras.

*awaiting conformation on Church Street as it doesn’t appear in statistics although Preston Drove does.

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