Valley Gardens TROs to be made permanent after 15 month consultation period

The ETROs that were introduced when the Valley Gardens Phase 1 & 2 projects came to completion in September 2020 are coming up to their 18-month expiry. Before this 18 month period the council has to decided whether to keep the ETROs permanent (making them regular TROs) or to not adopt the TRO (which would require reverting the road layout which is extremely unlikely to happen), however parts could be amended if needed. The decision will be made at the ETS committee on the 16th November 2021.

The report recommends that the committee agree to make all the EROs (both bus gate & changes to banned turns, parking & loading restrictions) permanent. However the report does outline that signage within the scheme could be adjusted and this would be within existing budgets.

There were a few comments on the TROs, mostly regarding signage of the Bus Gates, likely because they haven’t paid attention. However there are little objects to the use of the bus gates in general. Another comment questioned the reasoning behind the right-turn ban out of Kingswood Road, and this will be looked at a future time, although I’d suspect it is to minimise rat-running and forcing traffic to use Edward Street rather than an unprotected Right turn across 2 lanes of traffic.

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